“Alea sat down with me last night to do a much needed reading. I learned so much…. Alea looks at the whole picture of you, who you are and what your true path is. It was like receiving a manual of yourself, some things you know are there and others are somewhat hidden (or even deeply hidden). She sat with me and explained in which ways I am honoring my path and which ways need some adjustments. We talked openly about concerns I had and questions I wanted answered. I felt loved and honored. I came away wanting to find my own grounding and peace. It was truly inspiring! Thank you Alea, so much.”   — Molly M.


“Alea recently facilitated a group talk in my event space and was generous and very easy to work with. Alea has a gentle strength that puts people at ease and brings them into the circle in a very natural and organic way. What I really love about her way of presenting material is how she encourages others to have their own, unique experience and honor it. Her insights into the medicine of plants, together with her knowledge of tarot and astrology is, I believe, born from an ability to truly listen to her own voice as well as the plants and humans that she works with. She has a lovely energy to be around.”   –Lisa Kurtz, West County Herb Co.


“I had the pleasure of receiving an astro bridal shower from Alea Malay. She conducted a group session for an important circle of women in my life about one month before my wedding. It was a powerful day because Alea gave deeply of herself and drew out the native power of each and every individual in the room. She had prepared personal cards that detailed the key features of each participant’s astrological chart and tarot signs. Extensive preparation on her part was just the beginning.  The cards were a jumping off point for a discussion that touched on each woman’s journey: her past, her essential self, her current challenges, and what might be ahead of her in the coming months. We all emerged stronger in ourselves and more connected to one another. Alea approaches every person with respect and compassion. She has an intuitive sense of when to nurture, when to push, and when to delight the soul through healing humor. She is a strong healer because she is actively involved in her own self-healing. Alea is a wise and generous witness as you endeavor to look within, to contextualize yourself in community and the universe, and to progress in love.”   –Kate J.


“Alea brings so much passion and knowledge to her readings. Her excitement about astrology is infectious, and got me really excited and engaged with my chart in a way I hadn’t been in well over a year. In my hour with her, she highlighted important transits in my chart and clarified areas of my life and questions needing consideration over the next few seasons. I appreciate how grounded Alea is in her approach. She shares wonderful insights and listens deeply. I came away from my reading feeling aligned, aware, and eager to get to work. If you’ve had readings before or if you’re new to astrology, you will love Alea’s unique way, and you’ll be inspired by your reading!” —Maryam R.



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