Month: May 2014



I had the distinct pleasure of being involved in the creation of this awesome tarot project! It will be a large-scale installation that involves a circular structure of doors. Each door is a different tarot card. It is a life-sized divination tool. Inside will be space for communion and card readings. Solar powered, and interactive, it will, no doubt, be a sight to see! if you will be at Burning Man this year, check it out!! “Which door will you choose?”

“Life is dancing in the balance”

WHEEL OF FORTUNE TAROT — Burning Man Project 2014

Anne Staveley
Jill Sutherland
Alea Malay

For Maya…

On the morning you passed, I dreamed your pride. A room full of us singing. No instruments            just our voices our words our smiles our nerves. Faces of myriad hues             waiting to connect. Hearts cording, creating a web of hopes and fears. It is mercury, you see             binding our hearts in inevitable communion. We push       …