Month: February 2017

Message for the Masses -Pisces New Moon/Solar Eclipse 2017


The Star shines alive as we walk through our fertile blind spots. Inspiration lives at the center of the void, fecund with endless possibilities.

How do we find our power within the void?

Ingenuity is our fuel as we navigate the muddy waters of our own particular version of the game plan. The alchemy of water under fire is always there to catch our fall, without ever having to hit the ground running.

This moon cycles allows the space to swim in the deep waters of inquiry. We drive forth with our hopes and dreams, allowing for every single part of us to release with abandon. We become one whole being with the release. Clearing all of the hunted narrows allows the past to burn away in fury. Each second of every day that passes becomes immediate illusion. We can count on this actuality to allow the freedom of release. We dislodge those illusions with a dogged surety that lives in frames like pictures of memories nailed to the wall. Sorrow trails behind like the smoke from a train as it powers along the track with wisdom and caution under its wheels.

Endless potential may leave us stunned, unable to see the answer within an abundance of choices. We may freeze with the challenge of not being able to see the road ahead. Sometimes chaos ensues bringing perilous moments of action and vagary. Then, in walks the fire of Aries to say, “just do it, and walk in the darkness with head held high, using your feet as your guide.” Our feet live with spurs of grandeur popping inside, ready to rumble.

What does the ground feel like under your feet?

This is the sensory key to our direction. The fire moves us forward over waters, skimming along the edge with assurance and duty surrounding us in auric detail. The imprint that runs us through our healing resides in the altered states that only come through open floodgates.

The blindfold on our eyes this moon cycle provides sheer undertones of “worry left behind,” and a series of veils in front of us that do us the favor of not having to see what we aren’t ready to confront. With each step the veils lift, and the blindfold becomes a blessing as our other senses kick in. The other senses show us everything there is to see. I smell your fear, and bless you as you move through the dark haunts of this season of rebellion and redirecting. Honor lives in our souls beyond these haunts. Trust is the only medicine for sorrow.

What are the shadows saying?

There are deeper whispers below as we integrate a flow that has now been illuminated by the Star. We are finished with the old wounds, and with nursing them. Now we find what is underneath them with connection and reverence to those who came before. They can’t quite let go. So, we remember to honor our grands, and know that we must release their haunts in order to see through our own eyes.

May we be surrounded by the love that shines us on in the direction of our grandest victory.


** card image from the Gill Tarot Deck

Message for the Masses — Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 2017


The Empress visits us again in this new year, greeting us with arms outstretched. We sit inside wounds of love telling tales of our greatest needs. Some of us are hurting and leveled in our playing fields by this lunar eclipse. We rage inside roaring fires of indignation, simultaneously needing a mothers stroke.

The eyes of the lioness before us show that every bit of the fire leads us home. She holds our hand and shows us the flames. The flames are there to clean the chops of bleeding hearts that don’t add up. We close the floodgates in this moment, and enable coagulation to transmute into healing. Expression of our deepest desires is paramount as we stumble on solid ground. Now our footing steadies as we enter a new realm holding the light in the cavern toward the room ahead.

This moon cycle provides us the fire we need to move through the elements of our child selves hurting deep down. We are blessed with a moment to see ourselves from the inside out, root through the dark rooms of survival. Inside we find the pathway to knowing our freedom above as seen from below. Each step brings new horizons, and shadows walk behind leaving their imprint.

The lion walks us through to the other side and licks us with kisses of desire. The fear allows us to see the demons, and know the lion is our friend. If we can move our fear to the side enough to allow the lion, we will shine in the night in truth.

We find the moments we can surrender enough to allow ourselves to be carried by the teeth of the mother lion. The gold lives here in her mouth. We live our lives loaded with reciprocity. We are constantly giving and receiving either love or mutual wounding. How do we love ourselves enough to find ease in loving another, even when they are roaring in our face?

On this day we shape our shift. The Empress shows us a road of compassion through the high heart. It leads to love like heads hung in reverence of the long journey to union.

May we roar in raging fires of transmutation, and feel the home fires beckoning our absolution.


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