Month: November 2016

Message for the Masses – Sagittarius New Moon 2016


The Death card precedes us on this day of the Sagittarius New Moon. The fires of mutation are transforming into energy, giving the cue that our time in the shadows is soon behind us. This moon is the fire that illuminates our higher selves, and brings into consciousness our new sight. With this new sight we are able to see across far horizons through starlit eyes, and set our aim toward the visions that bring new life. Jupiter’s wife is joining this moon and gives us a reminder of the necessity of balance in relationship.

Love grows in the arms of balance, showing us when is it best to surrender, and when it is important to fight for what we know to be true. If we never surrender than our ability to fight when it matters is dulled. Constant fight only brings fatigue. We must know when it is time for a warrior’s rest, and allow the dark times to be a cushion of preparation for the new fire to kindle.

Our drive toward the vision ahead can only exist with creative force. Creative force can only exist with rested grace. Without the grace of creative force we are steaming ahead with no magic. The magic lives within the connection to source, driving our soul’s intentions ahead in ways we may never comprehend. For this reason we must be quiet, and listen for the proper signal.

The transition from death to new vision can bring sore discomfort, and sometimes will tempt us into believing that living with the carcass of the past is preferable to stepping toward the unknown. We must trust the silent whispers that coax us forward, and know that the rotting flesh of the past does not feed our senses. There are roses ahead with our name on them, and if we follow that scent we cannot go wrong.

The archer’s stillpoint is our best bet for the coming weeks. Developing an eye so sharp that the aim is unmistakably hitting the mark of destiny. We are rounding out the last pieces of our new form, and the skin shed now is the essential step into the cannons of a new day. We find our balance like a toddler finds first steps in these coming weeks, and we commit ourselves to the relationships that we know feed us with light and love. The aim of discernment is essential as we shepherd forward distinguished sight, and remember that benevolent guides lead us toward light filled blossoms when we follow the whispers.

May we see in expanded hues, and surround ourselves with those that enhance this vision.


**card image from Hudes Tarot

Do Not Be Distracted By Despair



Do not be distracted by despair.

Yes, we mourn.
We mourn for the peril we know will come.
We mourn for the lives we know will be lost.
We mourn for the ones that will continue to feel unworthy.
We mourn because we have the privilege to mourn.
We have the privilege of seeing the truth from the other side.

We are shining stars inside the darkness we are facing.

Do not be distracted by despair.
This is our call.
This is our call to be the agents of truth we know that we are.
This is our call to face the demon this reflects inside each of us.
Do not be distracted by the idea that we are separate from them.

Do not be distracted by despair.
This is the head of a festering wound, bubbling to the surface.
This wounds lives within each of us.

There is no other course but one of healing. This is nothing more than collective shadow work upon us. The demon has shown itself and now we must find the elixir.

There is no other answer but to shine inside the depths of peril.

This is a call to each of us to know that indignation is equal to pretending it’s not happening. We can no longer afford to shield ourselves with indignation. We must see it for what it is, recognize the parts of ourselves that it reflects.

We must remember that this is an opportunity, see the truth.

We are free.
We are free.
We are free.

We are free no matter what happens in the material world.
Yes, we must navigate our way through.
Yes, we contend with the dark forces that are presenting themselves at this moment. Yet, we are not defined by them.

We are free.
We are free.
We are free.

So be it.