Message for the Masses – Libra Full Moon 2017

Blog 11-21-12

The Nine of Pentacles leads our way through a grand time of fine tuning. Elemental essence held to the fire brings us closer to imagined endpoints leaving us ripe to ascend to a new level. The heavens live above and lead us to salvation as we hang our hats along the hooks of betterment.

Harried happenings mean we are a bit frazzled, and the edges burn with quiet indignation. It is these whispers that must be pulled to the surface and revisited in the mind storm they create from the edges. Held out from the rafters, we have done all we seemed to know. Then a closer look reveals mushrooms that have been growing in our ears.

This moon cycle brings the opportunity to revisit the soil swept underneath the carpet. We remember that our reprogramming leads us to love. Disciples of error need not apply. Our ground is held close, and we walk with the feet of a peacock in a lightning storm. Each day brings more clarity as we deal with dusting delight over our hearts. Electric storms of revision may turn shadows into golden hues, and make us forget any inklings of unsure movements. All woes clear with destined glances, and rise to the occasion of heaven sent opportunities for growth and transformation.

Where are the edges that need to be smoothed to receive love in new forms?

Only the edges are now wanton for attention. We’ve filled in the middle ground with grace. Clearing the edges leads us to vertical boxes of heavenly encounters.

May we live inside the thick of it, and hold tight through the rain of blessings.


** card image by Tarot of the Tattoo Age

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