taurus full moon prayer for pele

i sit in the midst of a battle of the gods. Pele has deemed it time for new ground. Lono agrees, but implores on behalf of the people that she slow her pace. force flies down as the rain shakes our fear, and then eventually, she will come and burn it away. we breathe as the rain falls. we find…



I had the distinct pleasure of being involved in the creation of this awesome tarot project! It will be a large-scale installation that involves a circular structure of doors. Each door is a different tarot card. It is a life-sized divination tool. Inside will be space for communion and card readings. Solar powered, and interactive, it will, no doubt, be a sight to see! if you will be at Burning Man this year, check it out!! “Which door will you choose?”

“Life is dancing in the balance”

WHEEL OF FORTUNE TAROT — Burning Man Project 2014

Anne Staveley
Jill Sutherland
Alea Malay

For Maya…

On the morning you passed, I dreamed your pride. A room full of us singing. No instruments            just our voices our words our smiles our nerves. Faces of myriad hues             waiting to connect. Hearts cording, creating a web of hopes and fears. It is mercury, you see             binding our hearts in inevitable communion. We push       …